Awesome World of Middle School

After 7 years of being cushioned in the middle I am no closer to being an adult than my students are. The only difference is, I no longer try to act up to my given age. I have humbly
accepted my 14-year-old maturity level which is 4 years away from adulthood. In addition to summer vacations, this is another awesome gift from the school calendar year--time that
regenerates year after year.

The faint smell of glue and crayons wafting from the elementary past to the future student directed debates from the high school corridors. I get to interact, facilitate, coach, and hang out with the best age group of kids on a daily basis. 13-14 year olds.

Thanks to my awesome roommate, another out of the closet 13 year old adult (Click for Ellie's post) who just happens to take on the "mature adult" title of Spanish teacher that gives hallway counsel to kids and colleagues, our combined maturity ages of 13 and 14 totals 27 which
makes us perfectly suitable to be responsible for the academic instruction required to be awesome middle school teachers.

To our 8th grade graduating class and soon to be C/O 2016-- life only gets better.

Some student quotes that reveal the true Ms. Meza and Ms. Effinger:

"You and Ms. Meza are just like us-- like teenagers but with money."

"You and Ms. Meza are roommates? So it is like a slumber party every night."

"You and Ms. Meza just get us."

"One of my favorite memories is Ms. Meza and Ms. Effinger wearing funny clothes."

"You must be rich, you go on vacation all the time!"
8th grade promotion dance...take my hand we'll make it I swear, living on a prayer
Shopping for ugly Christmas dresses to wear to work
Advisory kiddos at the beach
Appreciating myself with a special handmade jumper on Teacher Appreciation day
Wearing these once a year until we retire
Epically Rad 8th grade team chaperoning the promotion dance
Taking pictures at a photo sticker shop with our students
Photoshoot after church thanking one of our kiddos for these awesome purses
Eating silkworm larvae with our kids
Beach Retreat
Another one of Ellie's dare...
Birthday at school
Boldly showing off our frilly Korean socks
This says enough...
Waiting for 2 of our girls who got closed off the crowded subway train
Opening up a care package and revealing intimates (bikini) on accident...

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