Hands down, this has been my best life year--year 29. Thank you, Ellie Meza for modeling the importance of impromptu fun. I have faith that anyone can experience their best life year if they act on these simple suggestions:

-Celebrating each day of your birthday month
-Eating cake for dinner
-Riding roller coasters midweek
-Skipping to work hand in hand with a friend
-Taking afternoon naps to stay up even later at night
-Making Mondays your favorite day of the week
-Wearing bows, frilly socks, and wigs to work.
-Swinging when you pass a playground.
-Surprise Wake Up Attacks at 3 in the morning to go to a cafe.
-Holding babies at an orphanage after the busiest workday of the week
-Dressing up for themed parties
-Hugging people you care about just because
-Painting your nails with bright colors
-Riding random buses around Seoul trying to get lost.
-Sleeping party with Oreos and pizza while watching movies in your classroom
-Dancing until dawn opens a new day
-Riding  bikes on a sunny day
-Vacationing on the weekends

Life is an awesome gift--taking advantage of the simplicity of fun day by day.

Slumber Party at school
Dancing with MELKs
Korean Bows--can't get enough
Biking on the Han River
Wigs and glasses have debuted more than once with MELK
Wednesday, why not?
Weekend Vacation--Why not catch up on sleep in Okinawa
Getting on random buses and trying to get lost= finding  interesting cafes
Hallway Hugs
Dead Celebrity Party

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  1. FUN. FULL STOP. Have I mentioned I love u chingu?!