K1- Korea Year One

Reflecting on the path of growth from the flower to the seed.

As the final stage of an international year closes out I have to look Closure in the eye and say thanks for giving me reason to feel sadness. Albeit, emotion adds value to the fun events and reconfirms the relationships that have been made, moving on never gets easier with experience. An international lifestyle must be looked at the same way you enjoy cherry blossoms reach full bloom. Notice the beauty of each stage, as the process is temporary and constantly unfolding.

Stage 1-You anticipate and prepare
Stage 2-You overindulge with pictures, walks and gawks
Stage 3-You accept the change from delicate petal to sturdy leaf
Stage 4- You look forward to watching the cycle the next year

The time has come to pack up, bid farewells, and turn a new leaf.

Unforgettable moments of my K1 year

June-Hanging out with our students on a Saturday, MELKs final night, waving goodbye to the last school bus

May- driving a scooter to the DMZ, boating on the Han River, eating Kimchi fries in Itaewon, and climbing Ansan Mt. at midnight all in one day, every weekend spent outside of Seoul, being on Korean news, VIP k-pop concert.

April- Catching up on sleep in Okinawa
All of my birth month events
Dead Celebrity Party
Being super tour guides
Looking to site Lady Gaga
Dressing up for Gaga concert
Eating woof woof and sanakji

March- Big Bang k-pop concert, Shanghai, battling my first cold

February-29 day challenge of exploring Seoul

January- Guam, snowboarding

December- dressing up as Princesses with MELK, Ellie's b-day dance party

November- Taiwan, first time exploring Seoul solo

October- becoming a certified lifeguard

September- eating tons of street food

August-public nakedness and first time introductions with colleagues at a jimjilbong.

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