Korea--take 2!

Having seconds is a great thing--especially after time has elapsed.  As a novice cook I am a big fan of leftovers.  To me, it no doubt tastes better, allows for more trial and less error, and doesn't compete with others.  So dish it up Korea!

Here is my Live Now list (similar, if not exactly the same as a bucket list, yet you can go for seconds, thirds, fourths...)

  • Speak  Korean like a 5 year old
  • Make more Hogwan friends
  • Take structured Korean lang. class
  • Run for a cause
  • Eat at the mess hall in Yonsei
  • Get shoes cleaned in a Korea side street car
  • Apply for a game show (Wipeout)
  • Pay for a meal for a stranger
  • Learn Spanish
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Buy a surprise plane ticket to Korea
  • Learn how to drive a scooter
  • Be on Korean TV
  • Medical Tourism
  • Tres Dias
  • Progressive Ho Bar pub crawl chronologically find all 10 in Hongdae
  • Silent temple stay
  • Ride all the subway lines in 1 day
  • Go to Incheon airport and hang out with no scheduled flight
  • Drive stick shift better
  • Float in the swan boat on the Han
  • Write an article for an expat mag.
  • Small group bible study through OEM
  • Collect important Korean pieces (hangi lamp, jewlery box)
  • Take seasonal picture walks
  • Go to 3rd K-pop concert
  • Join Seoul Int'l hiking club
  • Read Hangeul 한 글
  • Learn a K-pop dance
  • Eat only Korean for an entire week
  • Kimchi week detox--everyday eat kimchi
  • Korean drum circle (water paint)

    Walk an over accessorized Korean dog 


    Next Post--Check Yes, Korea

    A list comprised of touristy and not so touristy spots around this country of Morning Calm and Nights of Neon Lights



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