Happily Stuck in the Middle (sept. school startup)

Some items that claim the middle:
1)Oreo filling
2)custard filled donuts
3)perfect, soft core of a cinnamon roll
4) cheese filled dok bokki (Korean rice cake)
---food, food, food, sorry---
5)breakables that get placed in the middle of a suitcase
6)me as a middle child
7)the tallest finger--the middle one
8) middle school

I am quite the fan of middle labeled objects with the exception of #7.  Therefore, I have found my comfort teaching "hormonal" "temperamental" "attitud-al" teens who by the way do not match the cliched comments I often get by outsiders.  "I don't know how you do it?"

Step into their world.  Listen, watch, share, participate

1)Wear something they would wear (accessory, nail polish, Abercrombie, Raybands, Converse)
Field Day team spirit

2)Listen to top 40 music (itunes it)

3)Wikipedia their favorite idols (become a name dropper and watch their reactions)

4)Know how to make and keep a best friend (show, share, model this)
Yearbook signing, K-pop bows and nail polish

5)Be goofy with them (let them see your flaws.  If you're a bad singer sing to them, if you wear mismatched shoes give bonus points to the kid who notices first)
Students translating Korean Photo Booth pics for us

6)Eat junk food ( ynot? BTW--great blog!)

7)Share the latest drama about life (attach a teachable meaning here)

8)Be real--let them see the fun side (they figure their teachers out fast--down to the nervous scratch,
ring twist, fake seriousness...
8th grade promotion

9) Hang out with them at the end of the year (for the daring and comfortable.  This is the best way to pass off the leadership role and truly see that these teens have a voice worthy to be listened to)
Students show us Seoul
Street Food in Shanghai with a personal student tour guide

I am a proud to be stuck solid in my 8th year of middle school.  The creme filling cliche that sweetens the labels that get plastered on teens.

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